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Once the judge sets the bail, you have to stay in jail until the day of your court hearing, unless you can pay the set bail. At Cal West Bail Bonds, we understand that it‘s not always possible to have the full bail amount when it‘s required. This is where we come in; to ensure that you are able to post bail and get back to your normal daily activities.    

Get to Build Your Case with Amador County bail bonds

When you get outside, you’ve all the time and resources at your disposal to begin strategizing your case. You’ll have unrestricted access to your lawyer, who’ll advise you on the best way forward. Besides, you’ll be able to find witnesses out there, if any, who may have evidence that can help you win your case.

Need an Emergency Bail?

Cal West Bail Bonds takes pride in offering service respectfully and in a courteous manner. We understand that you need to get back to your family with your dignity still intact.

You will receive free bail consultation, house calls at no extra charge, personalized attention, and 24/7 service, in case you need an emergency bail. We don’t ask for collateral under normal circumstances, and we also have affordable payment plans for all.

If you or your loved one is in Amador County Jail, call us at 1-209-800-6000 and we will give you all the help you need to get through the bail process and get home.

We also offer free, confidential bail advice

Service available 24/7 for emergency bail, whenever you need it

One of our local agents will help get you home quickly

Affordable payment plans and credit available; usually no collateral is needed

Courteous, respectful, confidential, and professional service

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