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Getting arrested in Alameda County is as easy as delaying an officer. This could happen to anyone:  you, a friend, or even a loved one. Many people get arrested in Alameda County area or other local cities in California simply for being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Resisting arrest is a simple reason to find yourself locked up in the Santa Rita Jail. There are times the police simply arrest people to clear out an area to restore peace. Although this might not sound right, delaying an officer when asked for your ID can see you arrested.

Whatever reason for your arrest, we’re here to bail you out. We have served people who were arrested for drug abuse, domestic violence, sexual offenses, theft crimes, and even DUI cases, among others. For us, no bond is too big or small.

Cal West Bail Bonds offer Santa Rita Jail Bail Bonds for those in need. Contact us to enjoy our services available 24/7.

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