San Joaquin County Jail

Northern California’s Three Most Dangerous Cities

Northern California has a lot going for it. With beautiful scenery and typically great weather, what’s not to love? Crime should be near the top of the list. The three most dangerous cities in Northern California may surprise you, as two of them are in the much coveted Bay Area, including the top offender Oakland. […]

San Leandro

What You Can Do to Reduce Crime and House Break-ins

A break-in can happen at any time or place. Over 80% of them happen in the home. Once a homeowner leaves their property unlocked, they are signaling vulnerability. Once this vulnerability is signaled, a thief can get in and take whatever they like. Prevention Tips 101 There is nothing you can do to prevent a […]

Northern California Crimes

Recent crime reports indicate that armed robbery, home invasions, and car theft are still of great concern in Northern California. However, crimes of other magnitude take place throughout Northern California, including kidnapping, rape, murder, and others, that are just as or even more disheartening. A recent case in Pleasant Grove, California, involved seizure of more […]

Crime Roundup: Napa Edition

Even the safest and seemingly most peaceful areas are not immune to crime. Those in the Napa County bail bonds industry can tell you that assaults, thefts, home break-ins, and drug offenses are all common events. These types of occurrences keep the California bail bonds experts busy all day and all night. The following is […]

Alameda County Jail

Things to Know About Santa Rita Jail

Dublin, California is a busy area with a lot going on. Unfortunately, every area has crime to deal with and Dublin is no different. The new Santa Rita Jail is designed to minimize the shortcomings of the previous one by adding more space to prevent overcrowding, as well as technological tools to help officers in […]