Northern California March Crime Round Up

Horrific and terrible crimes happen all the time in California, unfortunately. While this list is not anywhere near the extent of all that has happened this past week, there are a few highlights of current cases. Many of these cases are not eligible for bail, but if you are ever caught in a sticky situation […]

Northern California Serious Crime Update

Every single day, there are reports of serious crimes, not only in large California cities known for escalating serious crime rates, but in many areas in the general Northern California area. Highlighted below are some of the most serious crimes under investigation. Prominent Lawyer and Social Advocate, Susan Roberts, Murdered in Land Park Home January […]

The New Gun Legislation In Northern California Is Causing Massive Confusion

Last year, the voters and legislature in northern California passed an unbelievable amount of legislation to ensure private gun ownership became extremely expensive, and incredibly difficult to attain. These regulations included restricting ammunition sales and magazine capacity. The premise for the new legislation was to decrease the unacceptable number of incidents involving arrests for illegal […]