Deadly Fentanyl Ring Arrested in Stockton

Federal agents have disrupted a major drug ring in the Sacramento area last month, after an investigation with some unusual twists, landing two drug dealers in jail. The reason this is such big news is the sheer amount of fentanyl involved in the bust, thousands of pills were seized from the crime ring. Saybyn Borges and Alfredo Sanchez are accused of running a drug ring selling fake oxycodone, which was made with the deadly fentanyl. Agents say they used an informant to set up an initial sting, but the informant overdosed on the fentanyl after completing his first buy for the agents. The initial purchase consisted of a mason jar filled with the small blue pills, for $10,000. After the first successful buy, agents used the informant to set up a much larger deal. Meanwhile, they followed Borges and found his connection with Sanchez. After Sanchez supplied the large order to Borges, Sanchez was arrested that night. Borges was detained after the meet the next day. The investigation began in April of 2018 and was completed by July. Both defendants are set to return to court in September. This was a multi-agency bust, including federal agents, and local law enforcement. Saybyn Borges first crime was selling the pills to an informant, but during his arrest, he fled police, rammed an unmarked police car, and was seen throwing hundreds of the counterfeit pills from his window, before being caught and hauled off to jail. During the arrest, Borges was to be delivering 7,000 tablets of the counterfeit medication, for a price of $126,000. A crime involving fentanyl is on the rise all over the country, and the death toll is rising rapidly, so this bust is a big win for northern California. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse as many as 20,000 deaths can be attributed to fentanyl since the year 2000. Borges, who may have spent time in prison in Nevada as he is listed as possibly being a sex offender in that state, is currently being held in the Sacramento County Jail. Of the two dealers, it looks like only Sanchez was able to secure some form of bail bonds for his release, totaling $100,000. Bail bonds in Sacramento require 10% in most cases. Sanchez has a previous felony on his record and was found to be in possession of multiple firearms during his arrest, so he will face additional prison time if found guilty.

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