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Crime Roundup: Napa Edition

Even the safest and seemingly most peaceful areas are not immune to crime. Those in the Napa County bail bonds industry can tell you that assaults, thefts, home break-ins, and drug offenses are all common events. These types of occurrences keep the California bail bonds experts busy all day and all night. The following is […]

Things to Know About Santa Rita Jail

Dublin, California is a busy area with a lot going on. Unfortunately, every area has crime to deal with and Dublin is no different. The new Santa Rita Jail is designed to minimize the shortcomings of the previous one by adding more space to prevent overcrowding, as well as technological tools to help officers in […]

How California Bail Bonds Work

When someone is arrested in California, they must be given an arraignment hearing within 24 hours of the time they were taken into custody. At arraignment, the person that has been arrested will be informed of the specific charges he or she will be facing and then asked to enter a plea. Once a plea […]

Oakland Police Officers Escape Uninjured in Tense Situation

Officers responding to the scene of a serious crime enter the situation knowing they could be injured. While this is certainly courageous, it does not make these instances any less tense. This was especially apparent when officers in Oakland, California, responded to the scene of a crime and had shots fired at them. The officers […]