Law Enforcement Officials Crack Down On Criminal Activities In Northern California

Residents in Northern California woke early Wednesday morning to neighborhoods filled with federal, state, and local law enforcement officials. The residents of Vacaville heard numerous flash bangs that sounded like gunshots, and the residents of one home received orders through a PA system. The operation was called ‘silent night’ and was led by the federal government. The target was the street gang, the ‘Varrio Bosque Norteño’.

The special agent heading the Sacramento field office for the FBI held a press conference. Sean Ragan spoke at the Matsui United States Courthouse regarding the incident. He stated that the investigation was still ongoing and not nearly finished. He added that organized crime threats would be targeted. The effort was coordinated on Wednesday by law enforcement, the FBI, the Woodland Police Department and the state Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

There were 39 search warrants issued and 30 probation and parole searches conducted in ten counties. There were 18 arrests connected to one federal complaint just unsealed, as well as 6 federal indictments. California bail bonds offices are going to be busy. There were three criminal complaints filed in relation to the incident. There were an additional ten arrests on state charges and two inmates from Pelican Bay were corralled from jail. Most of the charges were regarding the possession of firearms and wholesale distribution of heroin and methamphetamine. The United States Attorney McGregor W. Scott stated that there were 34 weapons, several hundred pounds of marijuana, $71,500 in cash, 52 empty bottles of codeine syrup and a butane honey oil lab.

The operation was triggered by an investigation during the spring of 2016. The crime in Woodland was tied to the prison and jail system. There were ties from Woodland leading to the Colusa, Santa Clara, Sacramento, Fresno, Del Norte, Sutter, Yuba, Solano and Siskiyou counties. Inmates were using contraband cell phones and social media to give orders to individuals outside of prison. Law enforcement uncovered the illegal dealings by monitoring social media and wiretaps. The federal, state and local governments are working together to help prevent violence in the local communities.

The organization that was targeted has been a major source of violence in the Woodland area and the surrounding communities for numerous years. California bail bonds will undoubtedly become necessary for the individuals now behind bars. Individuals connected to this particular organization have been indicted from street level right up to the state prisons. All agencies who participated in stopping the organization were commended. This included the Solano County Sheriff’s Office, the United States Postal Service and the Vacaville Police Department. The team accomplished their goal of making the communities safer. The main objective was to provide law-abiding citizens with a better quality of life throughout these communities. These individuals want a safe place to live, raise their families, and work.

The operation on Wednesday included the SWAT team and was accomplished according to the plan. The Community Response Unit for the department has been increased by two officers. This is to help prevent future crime from the neighboring areas.


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